Crafted Inspiration – Hikaru Dorodango

Hey there, we thought we would use this space to share things that have been inspiring our work, maybe some techniques, ideas… let’s see what happens. Requests are welcome!

But for today, I (Lydia) wanted to share this video with you – I hope it inspires you to create and craft something for yourself. (via Kottke)

Bruce Gardener’s work really resonated with me – the way he discovered the craft and instantly connected with it (I felt the same way the first time I saw Alexander Calder’s mobile Lily Pads at the Guggenheim in 2010 – hooked!), the way he became a little obsessed with the idea of creating it himself, delving in to the techniques (it took me a few years before I had the workshop and tools to really even try), failing at it a number of times (oh yes), persevering and developing practices and techniques, continuing even when it seemed like a sort of silly idea. And finally, crafting something beautiful. Seriously though, how can a ball of dirt be so mesmerising?

To us, crafting something is simply the process of being mindful, acting with your hands, with intention – it doesn’t have to be creating something that hangs on your wall or is put in a gallery – you can craft something as simple as a cup of tea – it is a mindset – to be present and focused on what is in front of you, and rewardingly, to create something you can enjoy making, and using (or watching in the case of our mobiles).

The big question is, what could you craft today? Dinner? A cocktail (it’s Friday somewhere)? A drawing? A song? Simply a conversation?

Or grab some dirt and create your own hikaru dorodango!

Happy Monday, have a great week! X

Lydia Sumner